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Informatics India is established Software Solutions Company with a Vision to provide Innovative, Quality, High performance and Reliable IT Solutions, registered as an SSI unit at Hyderabad, India. Informatics India has a strong Technical base of Professionals, managed by highly experienced specialists. Presently the business operations are spanned over the Indian and US markets. As a member of IBM Partner World and SDN of Sun Micro Systems, the company has established on the Technological and Business opportunities at a Global Level.

  • Software Development
  • Utilities Management
  • EDMS
  • Data Processing

Our Services

Software Development

System Design and Architecture · Product Development Life Cycle Management · Database Design and Integration · Business Process Automation · E-Business Solutions · Web site/Portal Development and website management · Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, Java, JSP, javasript · VC++ /Flash/ASP/Perl/php

Utilities Management

We undertake to manage the data centers / Computer departments covering technical expertise and manpower on an outsourcing basis from Organizations.


Informatics India has tie-up with Cadd Centre Software Limited, Chennai for EDMS, where in we became system integrators for VP-Studio suit of Softelec Germany and DataViewer Software of Practical Programs, Autralia. We provide Database applications for the Drawings and Digitalization services too.

Data Processing

We undertake data processing, data conversion or database creation where in good volumes of data exists with a degree of mission criticality.

24/7 Support

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NACH Debit Clearing function is the prime function. Besides, ACH Methods helps the Banks with many working tools to efficiently manage the NACH Mandates to maintain their quality and keep the NPAs at a minimum level.

The Software is developed in Microsoft.NET and Crystal Reports with a back end option of MS-SQL Server or MS-Access with total security.

Informatics India has been developing and proving the Banks with PDC.NET - Post Dates Cheques Management System, ECS Methods - Electronic Clearing Service Software and now the ACH Methods - NACH Clearing Service Software, since 2004.

ACH Methods Software Solution has the following features,
1. NACH Mandate Maintenance.
ACH Methods utilizes the Mandates data received from Destination banks. It generates, organizes and manages NACH Mandate Database with fool proof validations and Controls. Check-digit validation takes care of the correctness of Loan account numbers. Bank wise, SBI Branch wise and Product wise NACH Mandates Reports are covered in this Module.

2. NACH Presentation.( On Scheduled Dates viz, 5,10,15,20,25 & 30).
ACH Methods generates NACH Settlement Data for a given date, in a data format that is suitable and acceptable for the NPCI for the purpose of NACH Clearing Service ( Debit Clearing ) along with reports required for the clearing house. ACH Presentation Control Report is generated to ensure balance of every presentation.
ACH Methods generates data file for trickle feeding in CBS for credits and debits of successful and unsuccessful mandates, using the clearance data received from CCPC.

3. NACH Realization.
NACH Methods Makes use of the NACH Processed Report soft copy received from NPCI and generates a NACH realization percentage report for every presentation. This report helps in monitoring the Mandate Realization percentages on different presentations, based on which, measures can be taken to improve the quality of NACH presentations.

4.NACH Returns Management.
ACH Methods converts NACH Returns Report from NPCI into a Data Table and generates a host of reports. Reason wise NACH Returns Report is generated Bank wise as well as SBI Branch wise.NACH Returns Notices sent to customers go with Return Reason and Penalty Amount.
Bank Notices and Legal Notices for defaulting Customers are generated along with Notice registers, that will minimize the NPAs considerably.

5. SMSs and eMails.
ACH Methods generates six types SMSs for Customers. They are 1. Destination Bank Returned Mandates, 2.NACH Mandate Creation Intimation, 3.NACH Clearance Intimation (for keeping sufficient funds in the A/C), 4. Successful Clearance Intimation, 5. NACH Return Regrets Intimation and 6. NACH Mandate Cancellation.

6. System Security
ACH Methods is built with perfect System security with User administration module, System Logs, Database Back up and audit trails.

7. MIS Reports and Utilities
Customer History of date wise NACH Presentations and Returns is provided. NACH Repeated Returns Report is generated to weed out bad Mandates.

Master Data Screens are provided for items. They are Customer Master Data, MICR Code items of Bank, Branch and City Master Screens, NACH Return Code wise Charges, SBI Branches entry Screens. Reports are provided for all these Master Data Items.

All RACPCs, RASMECCCs and several Branches of SBI are using ACH Methods Software, developed and supported by Informatics India, Hyderabad.

LawOffice.NET is a Software Solution for Law Office Management. Users can comfortably rely and depend upon LawOffice.NET for all the Law Office Automation. This Software takes care of the complete management of all and there would be no need to create and manage folders, subfolders, and access methods and search features. When a case data is created, the system assigns a Case-Id to it. LawOffice.NET provides for creating and maintaining the MS-Office files linked with the individual Case-ID within itself, eliminating the need to create and maintain the folders and subfolders.

When a case data is created, the system assigns a Case-Id to it. LawOffice.NET provides for creating and maintaining the MS-Office files linked with the individual Case-ID within itself, eliminating the need to create and maintain the folders and subfolders.

LawOffice.NET Case data comprises of, Case-ID, Case Number, Case Opening Date, Complainant/Defendant, Department, Other Party, Case Type, Lawyer, Court, Case Narration as fixed parameters. And PostingDate, RepresentedBy, Sections, Case Parameters and MS-Office File Names as running data.

The features of the Software are grouped into three modules, namely,
A) New Cases
B) View Case List / Cases by Date or Department or Court or Lawyer or Section or Town
C) Reports

Orchestrate your practice with a single solution. Informatics India Law Office.net software adapts to your firm, not the other way around. Our flexible design accommodates any area of law without custom programming.Whether your firm is small, large, or in- between, our scaleable, Client Server technology delivers performance in an affordable package. If you want to know more details or if you have any queries.please mail to us at

PDC.NET Solution manages Post Dated Cheques submitted by customers for outward clearance.

PDC.NET is developed with the standards conforming to "Mechanised Cheque Processing Using MICR Technology" - Procedural Guidelines (Abridged) of RESERVE BANK OF INDIA DEPT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CENTRAL OFFICE MUMBAI - 400 001

* RBI Data Structure for outward clearance is adopted.BCB codes, Transaction Codes and Clearing type are codified as per RBI's Standard values. We have also followed and adopted the "TATA CONSULATANCY SERVICES -INWARD CLEARING - Interface Specifications Document V1.0 SBI Core Banking Project" for an interface to Core Banking.

PDC.NET besides being a Software Package is SOLUTION (System) for Post dated Cheques Management where in a set of procedures and checks & Balances are built in. They are grouped into,

I. Organize and view the PDCs
II. Perform Outward clearance function
III. Enter and manage Returned cheques and
IV. Generate statutory and information reports

1. Data Tables. PDC.NET maintains masters files for a) Customer data, b) Loan Types, c) Dealing Officers, d) Transaction Code(instrument types), e)Banks f) Cities and g) Branches and Transaction tables for a) Post dated Cheques, b) Presented Cheques and c) Returned cheques.

2. First step in the system implementation is to organize all the master files and create PDC table .

3. PDC Submission. When a customer submits Post Dated Cheques, a master entry is created. Then his PDC details are entered through the software forms. At the end of PDC data creation, a checklist is generated automatically. This checklist is given to the customer along with his PDCs to verify the correctness of the data entry and return them along with his signature on the checklist. On receiving the checked checklist, the System user will make necessary changes and then presses the COMMIT button. Then the data is committed to the main database from a buffer table. And the user generates ISSUE OF PDCS IN BANKERS FAVOR - LETTER. The customer signs this letter and hands it over to the dealing officer along with Post Dated Cheques. This way, the steps of PDC data creation, generation of a checklist, Checking it, Committing and generation of "ISSUE OF PDCS IN BANKERS FAVOR - LETTER." are organized into a systematic method.

4.Outward Clearance. Apart from picking up PDCs data of a given date, this module is provided with a few very useful tools.
·Pick PDCS of previous to Clearance Date. The user can select PDC date and Outward Clearance date separately, thus enabling to pick up PDCs of a previous date for current date Outward Clearance. This would be useful in the event when a PDC date falls on a Holiday, Strike day or any other Bank Non Working Day due to a contingency.
· Re-present a returned cheque. A facility to pick up a returned cheque and include it in current Outward Clearance. This is useful to re-present a returned cheque on the customer's request.

5. Core Bank Interface. An ASCII file is created as per RBI's Procedural Guidelines to be uploaded for Core Bank Interface.
Outward clearance report is generated.Pdc reminder letter is generated automatically for those customers for whom only one PDC is left

6. Customer History. User can enter an account number and view the history of a customer. It includes on a given date, his Post Dated Cheques, his presented cheques and his Returned cheques details.

7. Create Returned Cheques Entry. On entering cheque number, the rest of the details are picked up from the previously entered PDCs data. On saving a Returned cheque record, a bounced pdc - intimation letter generated automatically



· Deliverables with the Solution are:
-Installation CD
-User Manual
-One week user training
-Six months warranty

If your interest in our software is for use within your organization or if you are looking to resell our solution.contact us...

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SoftWare Projects

Informatics India undertakes Software Development Projects on a turnkey basis for our clients from Government, Public, Private and Banking Sectors.

A few of them are listed here.
* PACT - Product Analysis and Container Tracking System, HWP-Manuguru.
* DRMS - Deficiency Report Management System, HWP-Manuguru.
* PDRS - Plant Data Processing and Reporting System, HWP-Manuguru.
* WORKS - Works Accounting System, HWP-Manuguru.
* NNIUSA.COM - a Nurses Portal in USA.
* Automobile Dealership Management Software for Concorde Motors Limited
* Automobile Dealership Management Software for Concorde Motors Limited
* Automobile Dealership Management Software for Tata Motors Limited
* Recall Refit solution for TVS
* Office Automation for Yemmiganur Weavers Cooperative Society, Yemmiganur,Kurnool Dist., A.P.
* PPC - Production Planning and Control System for Hugglunds Denison
* Rights Issue Management for Shri Ambuja Petrochemicals Ltd.,Hyderabad
* Integrated Software for Surana Udyog Limited, Secunderabad.
* An ERP for Crystal Cosmetics Limited (Colgate Palmolive Franchisee)
* Office Automation for A P State Meat And Poultry Development Corporation Limited, HO and 44 state units.
* Drawing Database Application for Central Design Organization - (Major Irrigation Dept, Govt of AP)
* Automobile Dealership Management Software for Sipradi Trading Pvt Ltd, Khatmandu, Nepal


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