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      H2Soft is a web-enabled easy to use software, which is designed to manage every minute resource of a hospital that will aid in providing world-class service to its customers/patients. Even patients can consult a doctor of a hospital on a regular basis and seek his/her services online. In short, the next generation super specialty hospitals, Nursing Homes, diagnostic centers can extensively make use of this system to manage with ease and provide World-class service.This product is developed using 100% pure Java, and can be deployed on a variety of O Ss.

Hospital Management is a dynamically changing complex system.  As with any other organization, allocating the right resources at the right time to the right person at the right location, is very critical, which can sometimes make the difference between life and death.  In order to efficiently, easily and instantly manage this complex system, Software is the only solution.

 H2Soft Features:


For  Administrative Convenience:                               

Executives can instantly view reports of live data at any point in time, pertaining to

         In-Patients occupancy

         Monitor in-patients' billing pattern and alerts on excess limits

         Number of registered out-Patients in a date range,

         Number of Discharged patients,

         Number of Investigations carried out in a period of time,

         Number of patients treated by each doctor,


         Income earned for a particular period

         Expenses incurred for a particular period, including overhead expenses, salaries, Miscellaneous etc.,

        Considerable Savings in Stationery expenses by obviating the need to generate reports on paper.

For Doctors Convenience:

Doctors can instantly view patient's appointments that have been scheduled by the reception or Front Desk on a daily basis and even gather information about the patient, pertaining to Pre-Medical history, personal details, prior treatment and diagnostic details.

For  Patience  Convenience:

Since vital patient information is distributed instantly to the right person at the right time, patients immensely benefit from getting timely and accurate treatment. In addition, patients can have planned and systematic treatment and thus be served better and faster.

Nurses' Convenience:

Nurses need no longer worry about gathering information about an in-patient or informing of N emergency situations to the concerned doctor.

Administrators' Convenience:

Administrator can track information and setup the system, schedule Nurse duties, plan staffing effectively and manage their employees of all kinds with ease and accuracy.

Different  modules  of  H2SOFT:           


3.Operation Theatre
4.Laboratory Investigations
5.Application Administation
7.Food & Beverages
8.Human Resources
10.Blood Bank
11.Internal Messaging



Summary  of  Features:

    1. Administration: (System Administration):System Administration is a process of Creation of Logins, Creation of Groups with existing tasks/roles, Creation of Tasks, Assigning of Tasks/Roles to Sub-Modules, Creation of Sub-Modules for existing Modules, Granting Privileges and Revoking Privileges.

  2.Administration: (Office Administration):Office Administration is a process of Setting up of Office Timings, Setting up of Designations, Setting up of Departments and Setting up of Working Calendar Year. 

  3.Administration: (Hospital Administration):Hospital Administration is a process of Setting up of Patient Services, Setting up of International Disease Codes, Setting up of Reference Doctors Details, Setting up of Reference Clinics and Nursing Homes Details, Setting up of Allergy Details, Setting up of Specialists, Setting up of Patient Case Types

  4.Front Office:Front Office module consists of following features

 A)In-Patient: Keeps track of patient's progress and condition with respect to the physical condition of patient like Pulse, BP, Temperature, record after each and every visit by any doctor, nurse etc. with a date time stamp.  Additionally, this module can remind the appointed Nurses, Doctors for their prompt and timely visit to the patient.  If they are not available, an instant message is dispatched to the Patient-In Charge for making alternative arrangements. 

B)Out-Patient:  Keeps track of outpatient ailment, its diagnosis, any recommended tests,         prescriptions, next appointment due, by the attending doctor. Doctors can record the patient's treatment details, prescriptions and other such physical condition details. 

C)Wards/Rooms: This module maintains information about the availability of beds and its related accessories, including the attending Nurses and doctors in all kinds of wards including Male, Female and recuperation wards.  In addition, Patients can be assigned to appropriate Beds, so also the Nurses to Patients depending on the availability of Beds in the relevant departments.

5)Lab Investigation:  Lab test results can be recorded in this form for a particular patient and can later be retrieved or forwarded to the attending doctor automatically in the form of Lab Reports.  Provision is also made to search and retrieve Lab reports for any patient just by entering the patients name or ID of the patient.

 6)Specialists:  Any specialists in a Hospital such as visiting Orthopedic surgeons or Dentists or Opticians can make their availability known to the system which in turn will facilitate the concerned patients to make appropriate appointments.

7)Food & Beverage:The Dietician can prepare a menu of diet and the concerned Doctor can just pick and prescribe the appropriate diet to the patient that is again integrated with the Billing Module.

8)Appointments: Patients can schedule appointments with concerned Doctor at the Registration desk and this information is automatically forwarded to the Doctor so that he/she can view the day's appointments.

9)Pharmacy:Maintains inventory of medicines and other medical supplies.  As and when a Nurse orders medications from the Pharmacy the inventory is automatically updated

10)Blood Bank:Inventory of Blood stored in the Blood bank is kept track of in this module, which is automatically updated whenever authorized Nurse or Doctor supplies blood upon placement of order for the required blood quantity and type.

11)IP Billing: For In-Patients, a discharge report and Billing can be generated based on the Treatment that is provided which takes into account all the services like Medications administered, Lab tests conducted, Food and Beverages provided etc, automatically.  Payments are also kept track, including advances and discounts and payment by Installments

12)Operation Theatre:The organizer of any operation can allocate all kinds of resources, including surgeons, nurses, equipment (its working condition), accessories, timing duration and other such materials, including cleanliness and state of the room at the time of the scheduled operation.  For example a surgeon can check these items online and then only proceed to the operations theatre, avoiding last minute disasters.