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  SERVICES ______________________________________________________________________

Services  at  Informatics India includes

        1. Software Development

        2. Utilities Management

        3. EDMS

        4. Data Processing

        5. HR consultancy

1. Software Development: System Design and Architecture Product Development Life Cycle Management Database Design and Integration Business Process Automation E-Business Solutions Web site/Portal Development and website management Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, Java, JSP, javasript VC++ /Flash/ASP/Perl/php

2. Utilities Management: We undertake to manage the data centers / Computer departments covering technical expertise and manpower on an outsourcing basis from Organizations.

3. EDMS: Informatics India has tie-up with Cadd Centre Software Limited, Chennai for EDMS, where in we became system integrators for VP-Studio suit of Softelec Germany and DataViewer Software of Practical Programs, Autralia. We provide Database applications for the Drawings and Digitalization services too.

4. Data Processing: We undertake data processing, data conversion or database creation where in good volumes of data exists with a degree of mission criticality.

5. HR consultancy:We support companies in building up their HR requirements in IT departments. Our services in here range from advertisement, selection, and appointment and to training levels.  TOP