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iTRAK Software Solution for 



            v       INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT,  

            v         TROUBLE TICKETING AND


            v INSURANCE POLICY MANAGEMENT             

               iTRAK is Tracking, Maintenance and Service Contracts Management System for

                Assets  and  Office equipment. It is a simple software developed using the .NET

             Technology that resides on the computer network on all the systems of the organization.

             It can be  invoked on a mouse click or a stroke  of a function key by an end user.



       It keeps trackof the ASSETS / Office Equipment - Department  wise, Location wise, Project         wise and a User wise besides Brand  and Vendor wise .Ie, if a department is selected, all the Equipment held there is shown in the way it is required. (Brand wise, Model wise and Age wise etc).Similarly when a personnel is selected, iTRAK software lists all the equipment that is attached to him / her.           

           iTRAK  Software maintains a host of knowledge about the efficiency levels, state of art levels of the Office Equipment and the agencies manning them. Phasing out exercise of assets based on the age or performance or their Models is conveniently handled using iTRAK  Software.

            ASSET REQUIREMENT AND PROCUREMENT EXERCISE   Asset requirement assessment is made simple by using iTRACK Software as it provides the  complete data on the existing assets and their utility, department wise or Project wise.When it is procurement, performance data of assets Brand wise, Vendor wise and Model wise is perfectly  available  to rate a Model or a Brand or a Vendor



TROUBLE TICKETING (Breakdown maintenance)       


The Equipment / Asset users will be able to invoke a Complaint Form of  iTrak and register a trouble with a given item. Soon, iTrak accepts the complaint and generates and assigns a Trouble Ticket for it which will be conveyed to the user.



Phone calls made for this purpose disturb both the caller and receiver from their regular works. That may result in unproductive calls for various reasons.  If the receiver does not respond with expected politeness, due to his work pressures or otherwise, the caller may feel offended. Above all, a phone call does not have a record of what is expressed. iTRAK avoids all these, and enhances the productivity, by automating the whole thing.

Unfinished Breakdown calls can be accessed into desired groups, such as pending calls  like, Over  24 Hours, Over  48 Hours, Over  72 Hours, Over  7 Days and Over  15 Days.


The data on unfinished calls classified in these time cycles, then can be used as per the user company policies.


iTRAK Software handles Warranty Service, AMC Services for Preventive Maintenance.

Preventive maintenance (PM) scheduling will be done Department / Section wise and unit category wise at the time of system set up. For every PM cycle, iTRAK keeps the maintaining agency details.  iTRAK enables  all the asset users to view schedules about the PM dates and time. So that users will plan their works accordingly.

iTRAKmaintains track of pending PMs and processes them.




Agency wise and Major Group wise live AMC/Warranty Contract details are maintained in this module. AMC / Warranty wise items held is highly useful in tracking the agency for repairs/maintenance.

Situations of repairs/maintenance for no AMC/Warranty are handled efficiently by providing eligible vendors info for a given Asset/Item.

Expiry forecasting of AMCs and Warranties is highly useful float new contracts or renewing the existing ones. This provides for safe and continued Service support.

iTRAK Software maintains and generates the following reports.


                                    Reports - Asset wise                           

1.    Age wise Units list  

2.    Model Wise Units list  

3.    Brand wise Units List  

4.    Location wise Units List  

5.    Department wise Units List  

6.    Project wise Units List  

                 Reports - Concurrent                   

 1.       Date wise Complaints 

  2.    Date wise rectifications

 3.    Location wise Pending complaints

 4.    Age wise Pending Complaints

 5.    Reason wise Pending Complaints 

  6.    User wise pending Complaints 

  7.     Unit wise Pending Preventive 

 8.   Maintenance (PM) Calls.


                  Reports - MIS                            

1.    List of Units with recurring/repeat problems. 

2.    Units under Warranty list. 

3.    Warranty expiry forecast. 

4.    Model wise AMC list

5.    Vendor wise AMC list

6.    AMC expiry forecast

7.    Vendor evaluation

8.    Unit wise complaints History

9.    User wise complaints History

10.  Units for disposal ( based on over aging )

11.  Units for disposal ( based on repeat problems)

12.     Model wise addition list.

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