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  • FileServer I is the software solution for office File Management Software that   is   best    suited for the changing Office environment. The Software handles data on Files, Currents ,caseworkers and sections,section heads,External Organizations (with whom correspondence takes place), Carriers (mode of file movement) and tariffs, Outwards from and to external entities and internal movements. Tracking takes place from the time a Current is generated till it is disposed off.


v     Details of all Currents received pertaining to all sections are created through Inward form. The individual section heads assign these currents to their caseworkers using the assignment form. Using File Movement form, a caseworker assigns a current to its respective File Subject. He then records the file movement, Action taken remarks and disposal date.

v     Details of Outwards created in all sections are entered into Outward Form by the respective caseworkers. Dispatch user then uses the Dispatch Form and performs the dispatch function such as assigning Outward number, Carrier etc.

v Thus, a System of handling the Files is established which also enables automatic generation of vital output reports such as Caseworker's Personal Register, File (Case) History etc apart from the regular reports.



1.     SUBJECTS: File Server I Software maintains File Subjects and Current Subjects.

2.  INWARDS: While bulk of inward letters, Files and Documents are received at Inward section; some of them are also received at the Organization Head, a Department Head or a Project Head level.

           Whoever receives them, the inward details have to be filled up in the Software's INWARD form/screen

  At this stage an Inward Number is generated to every Inward. The system date is taken for inward date. Inward date can be changed if it becomes necessary.

     Here the user, who fills up these details, selects a section to which the inward belongs.

  Thus, in this form, all the inwards are stored along with the Section Names.


3.    ASSIGNMENT: Here the Section Head views his section's Currents details like the Current Subject, Sender, Sender's Address. In this the section head is provided with a list of Case Workers of his section.

           Section Head then selects the concerned Case Worker of the current subject and assigns the current to him.

           This way the section head becomes aware of all the currents of his section and also assigns all his currents to his caseworkers.

4.  FILE MOVEMENT: This form/screen is used by a Caseworker.

           List of currents assigned to a Caseworker is provided in this form.

           The user selects each current number and views the current subject, the sender's details and assigns it to a File Subject from the list of files that he handles.

           Internal Movements of the a current can be recorded with the date, time, the Person's name to whom the current is forwarded along with required remarks.

           Disposal of a current can be recorded with the disposal date along with the Action-Taken remarks and number of enclosures.

           "To Reply" marking is provided for all the inwards. This is used to generate pending outwards list.


      5.   OUTWARD    : In this form/screen, outwards' details are filled up by the Case Workers.

           Letter Number, Letter Date, Current Subject, File Subject, To address, number of enclosures along with the section name from where it is sent etc are filled-in here.

           Here a provision is made to mark if a reply is expected to an outward. (This is used to track the inwards pending.)

       6. DISPATCH    :   This form/screen is used in the dispatch section.

           The user is provided with the list of Sections in the Organization.

           Soon the user selects a Section from the list, a count of number of outwards from that section appears on the top the form/screen.

           As the user selects each outward from that section, an Outward number is generated and the system date is taken as outward date. The user can change this date if it is necessary.

           Here the user is provided with a list of carriers ( Mode) along with rates of each carrier for given weights.  He then selects the carrier for the dispatch and enters weight of the outward.

           Through this, the carrier's account is updated automatically.

7. FILE SUBJECTS:  Details of all the files / Cases held by a caseworker in a section are handles by this form / screen.

           File Number, opening date, File Subject, the type of file names and designations of case Worker, Officer and the Section Head are recorded here.

           This way, a list of files being handled, Section wise or a Caseworker wise can be taken when ever necessary.

           File Type wise files list also can be taken, Section wise or Case Worker wise.

If the file is closed, then the closing remarks, closing date and the name of the closing user are recorded in this form / screen.

 Server version is available for network environment and Desktop version is for Single user setups.  FileServer I generates personal  register  of every Case Worker for a given period. It shows  the opening  currents, Currents  received,  Action  taken/ disposed  and  the  balance currents.  Software  also  generates,  Case  History,  Inward  and  Outward   Pendency   of   the correspondence and file movement.


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