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The INFORMATICS INDIA Human Capital Management Framework offers executives, for the first time, a comprehensive tool to assess human performance, to align HR and learning strategy with business strategy, and to make human capital investments that generate real business value.

Informatics India is established Software Solutions Company with a Vision to provide Innovative, Quality, High performance and Reliable IT Solutions, registered as an SSI unit at Hyderabad, India.

Informatics India has a strong Technical base of Professionals, managed by highly experienced specialists. Presently the business operations are spanned over the Indian and US markets. As a member of IBM Partner World and SDN of Sun Micro Systems, the company has established on the Technological and Business opportunities at a Global Level.

SAP Division:

Informatics India provides with premier SAP solutions with full spectrum of enterprise and e-commerce solutions. SAP Solutions from Informatics India ensure that key decision-makers have instant access to critical data involving business through the latest data warehousing and enterprise portal technologies.

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