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 As part of Globalization, OIL sector is now open to the market economy. OIL companies have spontaneously risen to this opportunity and started redesigning their Petrol Station in looks and working methods. Added maximum facilities trying to match the world standards.

    Petrol Stations are organizing themselves with modem system to cater to the increasing business volumes, quality conscious Customers and the demanding expectations of Principal Oil Companies . In this age of Information Technology, COMPUTER is finding its place quietly and automatically wherever there is a volume of transactions.

     Informatics India, an established Software Company at Hyderabad who is a  Solution Development Partner to IBM has developed a Software Package by name PetroNet  ver 1.1. It is an Integrated and Online Petrol Station Management Software Solution. Like an E R P, it covers entire functions of a typical Petrol station. The Package is developed using Visual Basic 6.0 and Visual C++ 6.0. Database Sever is MS-SQL Server / MS-Access7.                      

 PetroNet Division is committed to Oil Industry Software Solutions. Presently engaged in 1. Launching PetroNet Ver 1.1 on a Country Level, 2. Integrating fuel delivery Units to PetroNet in the Computer Systems, 3. Developing a 3Tier - Architecture, where in all the Petrol Stations Communicate with Server at the Oil Company Web Site thru VPN. And 4. Planning to Develop state of art Solution for the Depot Management.

PetroNet is a comprehensive solution for Petrol Station Management, which server the Oil transaction, Departmental Stores (Bar Code Supported), Service Stations, Pollution Testing Units and Maintains complete Station Assets.

PetroNet maintains Master data on Suppliers, Products, Discounts structures, Customer, Customer Vehicles, Agents, Accounts, Assets, Business Plans, Employees, Their Family Members, Tanks, Tanks Models with Design Number and Dimensions, Dip Charts, Pumps, Pump Makes, Category wise Faults Master, Density Charts, Product Major Groups, Product Minor Groups, Units of Measurement etc. 


Day's work begins with generation of Cashier Sheets, where in Pump allotment to Cashier for the incoming shifts is done. 

Cashier Sheet contains columns for 1) Pump Nos, Opening Meter Readings, Closing Meter Readings, Testing qty for M. S. and HSD. 2) Opening Stock, Receipts, Sales, Closing Stock for other products. 3) Provision for filling Credit Sales with Coupon Nos, Credit Card / Petro Card Sales with Batch Nos, 4) Receipts / Expenses with various heads 5) Cash Deposit (Night/Morning) and Balance. Of these columns, Cashier Name, Pump No, Opening Meter Readings, Openings Stocks are printed by the System. And the Cashier fills up other columns.

 Cashier wise Sales Statements is generated using this data. This process accounts for 80% of daily work. Thus no need for manual consolidation of Cashier Sheets. As it is well know, More Manual work results in more scope of committing mistakes. It is very one's observation that, the mistakes may unintentional or intentional. PetroNet avoids those mistakes in either case.

 Cashier Wise Sales Statements contains all the original transactions as they occur. While taking the data from here, to Financial Accounting, a provision in made available to Reorganize certain select items as per the Accounting System / Policies of a Petrol Station.

 PETRONET SOFTWARE SUPPORT:                               

INFORMATICS INDIA provides online supports to its Customers using PetroNet by connecting to the customer's Computer from their Software Support Labs at Hyderabad.

 This Remote Access Support eliminates the delays and the user is still free to use the PC, while the support work is in progress.

 User can register his issues through the Web Site or makes a Phone Call. Online support system saves Time, Money, Effort and Anxiety.

  If your interest in our software is for use within your organization or if you are looking to resell our us...